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We also cover Milngavie, Bearsden, Bishopbriggs, Cumbernauld, Coatbridge, Airdrie, Motherwell, Lanarkshire, East Kilbride and Paisley  




How long does it take?


We can usually visit within 1 day to view the area and provide you with a written quote.  We can often provide information and the exact cost over the phone.  We use top of the range equipment which will clean your driveway within 6 hours.  We can clean patio areas within a couple of hours.


Is insurance in place when work is being carried out?


Yes, full Public Liability Insurance is in place for all work.


Do you have a pricing guide?


We don't have a set pricing guide as every task is different.  Our prices start from £80, however a quote is provided specific to the task itself.      


Can you supply your own water?


We have a van enclosed water tank system.  This is normally used for jet washing of store fronts, stairs or areas where no water is availabe.  The water tank will be full on arrival and provides around 3 hours of jet washing time.  


Is there flexibility in operating times?


We realise that commercial clients in particular require flexibility.  We appreciate that people population, opening times or access should be considered.  We are happy to work at the most suitable times.


Do I need to stay at home when the work is being done?


If you have a garden or outside tap, thats all we require.   As our pressure washer runs on petrol we simply connect our equipment to the outside tap.  This allows you to just lock your door and go about your normal day.  If no outside tap is available we can connect the hose to any bathroom, kitchen or internal tap.    


Why do you recommend using the surface cleaner instead of the jet washing lance to clean?


A surface cleaner is an 18" rotary disk which is attached and powered by the pressure washer.  This cleans areas more quickly and contains all the water produced by it.  We prefer to use this as jet cleaning alone sprays a lot of water and dirt around.  The rotary cleaner is more powerful and effective due to its built in mechanisms.  Its pressure output is fully adjustable.  


Do you have an environment policy?


Our full list of policy documents can be made available.  Generally, all work should not have an impact on the surrounding natural environment.  Also, our expertise ensures that chemicals or detergents are only used when appropriate.  We only use liquids which meet specific guidlines and would never use liquids branded as heavy duty.  

We acknowledge the Outdoor Access Code when working in non built up areas.


What if it's raining?


Work can still be carried out when raining, as all equipment is water proof.

Frequently Asked Questions - Pressure Washing

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